Union 7 Installs New Officers

Union Lodge #7 installed a new line of officers on December 15, 2018. Pictured above are MWB Stephen Munsiger, PGM, Installing Marshal, WB T.G. Frerichs, newly installed Master, MWB Karl Hinkel, PGM, Installing Officer, and RWB David L. Coberly, Senior Grand Warden of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Colorado.

WB James Hall Marks 50 Years in Masonry

Worshipful Brother James Hall, who served as Worshipful Master of Union Lodge #7 in 1976, was honored by the Grand Lodge of Colorado for his fifty years as a Mason. Pictured above, starting on the left, are WB James Harris, Grand Chaplain, RWB Jerry Fennimore, Grand Treasurer, WB James Hall, RWB Ralph E Newby, Deputy Grand Master, and WB Paul Walton, current Master of Union #7.

RWB Ralph Newby read and then presented the certificate to WB Jim, after which Jim’s wife put the 50-Year Pin on his lapel. Continue reading “WB James Hall Marks 50 Years in Masonry”

Breakfast Supporting DeMolay

Normally the members of Union Lodge #7 meet at Sams #3 on the first Saturday of each month, but in November the members of the lodge took advantage of the Aurora DeMolay Chapter’s fundraiser and had breakfast in Aurora instead.

Sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes, juice and coffee were on the menu, and all for just seven dollars. There was an additional bonus. Above, you can see WB Bob Hoyle clutching a mug as he was talking with the State Sweatheart, and this mug was free. It was a bit of swag from a few years ago, and each diner was offered a chance to take one home.

Lodge Resumes Labors


After a long and hot summer, Union Lodge #7 resumed Masonic labors in September. On the second meeting in September, we were pleased to welcome a visitor, Brother Mike Lazalde, who was raised in Houston Lodge, El Paso, Texas. He made his way to Colorado by way of Oklahoma, which does seem to be a rather long trip, but it was worth it for him for two reasons. He has a job that he loves, but of far greater importance he joined his wife, Corina, who was already living in Colorado.
It was wonderful to meet with this brother, and we hope to see him again.

Smoky Hill HS Lacrosse visits Union 7

WM Paul Walton flanked by members of Smoky Hill Lacrosse team

On May 12, 2018, Union Lodge #7 was visited by young lacrosse players and two of their coaches from Smoky Hill High School. The young men spoke about their activities, which go far beyond playing the game. For example, they visited UC-Pueblo, not just to play a scrimmage, but to visit the college to learn what further goals might be met as they move away from high school and into the world.

Union  7 had offered some support last year, and the members were pleased to learn that this aid was put to good use.

Rainbow Graces Union 7

WM Paul Walton flanked by members of the Rainbow Colorado Grand Line

Union 7 was graced by visitors from Rainbow on May 12, 2018. Pictured from left are Stephanie, Annika, Elizabeth, Jenna (Grand Worthy Associate Advisor), and AnnaMarie (Grand Worthy Advisor). The ugly galoot in the middle is our Worshipful Master, Paul Walton. The young ladies spoke about Rainbow in general and the Supreme Assembly to be held in Virginia.

Rainbow is an organization that supports and empowers girls and young women by teaching deportment and virtues supporting civil society. It’s also a lot of fun for the members as they make new friendships and learn valuable skills. For more information, got to gorainbow.org.

Entered Apprentice Degree on April 28

Newly made Mason, Willie Alphonse II, received the Entered Apprentice degree at Union Lodge #7 on April 29, 2018.

Under the direction of WB Jim Whelton, JW, Union Lodge #7 was pleased to exemplify the Entered Apprentice degree for our new brother, Willie Alphonse III. WB Tom Gafney acted as Worshipful Master with Brother Chris Hochmuth as Senior Deacon for the first section and second section lecture, while WB Lloyd Boyer delivered the third section lecture from the East. Junior Steward Mark Costello, dual with Weston #22, did a fine job giving the Charge.

Distinguished Visitor From Australia

RWB Grant Singleton, PSGW from Lodge Corrective Services New South Wales Constitution Lodge #1039 in Sidney, Australia

RWB Grant Singleton, PSGW from Lodge Corrective Services New South Wales Constitution Lodge #1039 in Sidney, Australia (left), with Junior Warden WB Jim Whelton of Union Lodge #7.

In town for a software conference, RWB Grant paid Union Lodge #7 the honor of visiting us. He was present for an Entered Apprentice degree, and commented that though some of the words were different from the ritual as performed in his home lodge, the concepts were the same. He added that Masonry was truly universal.


Visitors from Up North

Union 7 was graced at our second meeting of the year by visitors from up north…provided that you consider Brighton as “north.” Pictured are (front row, left to right) Bro. Arthur Cawman, WB Paul Walton, Master of Union 7, and WB Brian Engle, Master of Brighton 78. On the top row are two newly made Entered Apprentices from Brighton, Bros. Ethan Hall and Mitch Malone.