Thanks From Smoky Hill Lacrosse Team

Worshipful Master Robert Hoyle accepted a photograph of the Smoky Hill HS lacrosse team signed by all the team members from Seth Upson. Union Lodge #7 has earlier made a donation to the program, allowing students to participate who would be unable to afford the necessary equipment. Seth is not only employed at Smoky Hill, he is also one of our newest Entered Apprentices.

Masonic Symposium 2017

Several members of Union Lodge #7 attended the 2017 Masonic Symposium, held October 14 and 15 at the Highlands Masonic Center in Denver, Colorado. During a break in the presentations, Chris Hochmuth (upper left) spoke with Worshipful Master Robert Hoyle (right), while the Senior Warden, Paul Walton, engaged another attendee about what had been presented.

English Visitor

If Union 7 gave out an award for “Visitor Who Travelled the Most,” it would have to go to Worshipful Brother Ian Slesser (right), Provincial Senior Grand Deacon, Lodge of Unity #567, Warwickshire, England, pictured here with our Worshipful Master, Robert K. Doyle. During his visit on September 23, he made some interesting remarks about the differences and similarities between the UGLE constitution’s and Colorado’s versions of the Entered Apprentice degree.


Newly Made Entered Apprentices

Nate Winegar (left) and Seth Upson (right) began their Masonic journey at Union Lodge #7 in Denver, Colorado, on September 23. Worshipful Master Robert Hoyle was pleased to welcome them to the lodge, presenting each with a book to begin their education.